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Jacob Duncan


Jacob Duncan is a PhD student in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Utah State University. His current research in mathematical biology and ecology includes modeling mountain pine beetle outbreaks and predicting climate change effects on population dynamics and growth rates across landscapes (see Jake's poster).  Jake is also working in collaboration with the USU Wetland Ecology Lab on modeling the spread of invasive phragmites using homogenized ecological diffusion. Jake received his Master’s degree in mathematics from Minnesota State University where he studied the Kuramoto model (as well as other continuous and discrete models) of coupled oscillators. He is currently teaching the calculus sequence at USU and was nominated by the math department for the College of Science 2014 graduate teacher of the year award. Jake's hobbies include writing, recording, and playing music with his beautiful wife Michelle, camping and hiking with his son Vito, audiophilia, crossfit, boxing, pigeon racing, and geocaching. He also loves eating pickled herring while watching old Twilight Zone episodes.

Matt Lewis


Matt Lewis is a PhD student at Utah State University working under the advisement of Dr. James "The Omniscient" Powell. Matthew has a strong interest in interdisciplinary research in mathematics and in the overall public role of mathematics. Currently, Matthew is working to improve mathematical comprehension and understanding by shifting the mindset of mathematics students from that of pupil to the frame of mind a mathematical modeler must employ when creating new mathematic approaches to novel circumstances. Matthew is originally from Fallon, Nevada where he spent a great deal of time participating in sports (wrestling, football and golf) and chasing a beautiful girl (now his wife). Matthew and his lovely wife Kiersten have four children ranging in age from to 7 years old. In his "free" time, Matthew enjoys fly-fishing, snow sports, wrestling and being with his wife and kids.

Ram Neupane


Ram Neupane is a PhD student at the department of Mathematics and statistics of Utah State University where he joined in the fall 2010. His research is to observe the patterns of seed dispersal of Juniper and Pinyon Pine trees that are located in the southern Utah. Under the supervision of Dr. Powell, he is looking for shapes of dispersal kernels based on different parameter values of a pde model. He received MA degree in Mathematics from University of Louisville in 2009. He is the co-author of a book chapter, "Outcomes Research in the Treatment of Asthma" to be published in the book entitled, Cases on Health Outcomes and Clinical Data Mining: Studies and Frameworks. This book chapter is based largery upon my MA thesis work entitled Data Mining to investigate the treatment of Asthma. He engaged undergraduate teaching for 6 years from his home country Nepal where he received his MA degree in math and undergraduate degree.

Sarah Reehl


Sarah Reehl is a Master’s student in Industrial Mathematics at Utah State University. She hales from the mountains of Montana where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Biology from Carroll College. Sarah previously modeled the zombie pop culture fad as an infectious disease, predicting strong decline in zombie fascination around 2030. Her current research focuses on parameterizing a standard curve for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs), working with a local company that does rapid testing for pathogen exposures.  She enjoys hiking, rock climbing, movies, and birding. One of her goals in life is to someday bury treasure at Machu Picchu.

Katherine Richardson


Katherine Richardson is an undergrad in applied mathematics excitedly approaching graduation. She works on a project with Sergio Ramirez and Dr. Gordillo to create agent-based models to simulate sterile insect release and pheromone traps used to control insect pests. After graduation Katherine plans to continue her education at the U of U in math biology with an emphasis in physiology and hopes to do research in the medical field -- cause let's be honest, no one has actually found the cure for the common cold! Outside of school Katherine enjoys reading, playing music (violin and piano, mainly), and long walks in snow storms with her sweetheart.

Ethan Williams


Ethan Williams is an undergraduate studying applied mathematics and working on bio-mathematics and computer science minors. When all of this is completed, he plans to attend graduate school to study biomedical engineering. Currently he is working on a project with Dr. Powell on developing a growth model for Hevea, the tree used to produce latex rubber. Data from a T.R. Chandrasekhar in India is being used to find a more accurate model for the tree's particular growth in response to environmental changes. Ethan loves to play soccer! He is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. His passion in life is listening to music at any time possible. He listens to almost anything, but tends to like screamo and post-hard core. He loves chillin' with his friends and constantly pursues the newest additions to his fashion style.

Scott Jordan


Scott Jordan is a Masters student in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at USU. His current research interests include mathematical biology and using differential equations to model biological systems. He is currently studying the Alfalfa Stem Nematode and how to mathematically predict the impact of pest control measures. Scott received his BS at Brigham Young University Idaho. He is currently teaching trigonometry at USU. His hobbies include working on cars, playing games, reading, and most of all spending time with his beautiful wife Leann and their 7 month old boy Colter.

Guenchik Grosklos


Guenchik Grosklos is a PhD student in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at USU. His current research interests include ...

Ian McGahn


Ian McGahn is a PhD student in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at USU. His current research interests include 

Lizzie Spencer



Lizzie Spencer is a sophomore studying Mathematics and Statistics at Utah State University and is currently serving as an LDS missionary. She worked with Dr. Jim Powell, using differential equations to model the populations of zombies and humans from the Humans Vs. Zombies game that is played on campus. Doing this research will hopefully help her to get scholarships as she finishes her Bachelor’s Degree but she is also looking at going to a competitive graduate school. She is from Riverton, Utah but her heart resides in Palmital, Brazil where she spent her last year of high school eating rice and beans and learning Portuguese. She enjoys going on hikes and mountain biking but most of all she loves to laugh and spend time with her friends and family.