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Alicia Caldwell


Alicia Caldwell is a recent masters graduate in applied mathematics with an interest in assisting future students discover mathematical modeling.  Her work focussed on helping students gain conceptual understanding and providing a framework for instructors to actively coach their pupils to work through problems creatively.  While receiving her education, she taught undergraduate math courses at the university and wishes to continue teaching throughout her life. Growing up in Raleigh, NC she has acquired a love for shrimp and any other food that can be soaked in butter or fried.  She spends her free time baking with her sweet husband.

Marti Garlick


Marti Garlick graduated with her PhD in 2012 and is currently an assistant professor in Mathematics and Computer Science at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. She has authored five publications to date, including "Homogenization of Large Scale Movement Models in Ecology", which was nominated by the Faculty of 1000 as one of the `must-read' papers of the year. Marti continues to teach and research, currently using homogenization techniques to rapidly and efficiently deduce population-level movement characteristics from individual movement data collected using GPS collars.

Audrey Addison


Audrey Addison In 2008, after a few too many deployments with the National Guard, I decided it was time for a life change and began attending USU.  My goal was to learn more math and then try and pursue a job in industry.  I was fortunate to have signed up for Jim Powell's "Methods of Applied Math" class my first semester.  It was a challenging course that offered a peek into several mathematical specialties.  I enjoyed it immensely and began working with Jim for both my masters and PhD research. Throughout my six years of graduate school, Jim was always supportive and helpful while also encouraging professional and technical growth.  My experiences with Jim and at USU enabled me to 'come into my own' as I fought hard to obtain a job in industry which, fortunately, paid off!  I have just begun working as a Geophysicist in a Research and Development unit with Chevron.  The skills and knowledge I gained at USU will certainly help me in this new pursuit.

Sergio Ramirez



Sergio Ramirez graduated with a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics (see Sergio's poster on optimal control using sterile insect release) and is went back to his native Arizona where he holds a teaching position. Sergio enjoys listening to devil music (i.e. Slayer) and often lends the cavernous voices of the inferno a medium of communication through his guitar. He also loves playing piano and ,when in the mood, writing poetry.