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Student Life

What's the cost of housing in Logan?

Cost of living in Logan is about 90% of the national average. For a two-bedroom apartment near the unversity students pay $500-600. Public transportation (the bus) is free, and almost everything is within walking or biking distance from the university. More information:

What's the cost of graduate school?  How can I afford to go to school?

We offer all qualified students teaching assistantships (TA), which come with a tuition waiver. The cost of one semester of graduate school for an out-of-state student paying full tuition is approximately $5,700; however, for MS students (who get an out-of-state waiver) that costs drops to approximately $1,900, and for PhD students (who get full tuition waiver) tuition is free. TA's pay, in addition to tuition waivers, a stipend of $15,000 for the eight-month academic year. Summer teaching and research assistantships are available for summer support. More information: .

Can I drink beer in Logan, Utah?   What's it like to live there?

Yes, we have bars in Logan and you can drink beer if that's your thing!   Logan is a semi-rural town of about 45,000 people centered in Cache Valley, which is a small agricultural valley surrounded by 3,000 m mountains. The outdoor recreation environment is outstanding, with easy access to our local ski area, back country touring, hiking, backpacking, biking, climbing, camping and just driving around looking at pretty stuff. In town we have a civic ballet, festival opera, repertory theater company on top of all the free (for students) events sponsored by the Caine School of Arts.

What do graduate students do  in the summer?

We like to have students stick around for some part of the summer working on research projects.   There are both teaching and research assistantships available in the summer for students who stick around.   Some projects involve field work, and there are many specialized two-week summer schools available for students to learn around the nation.  Summer is also a good time to go to national and international meetings, particularly the Society for Math Biology annual meeting and the SIAM Dynamical Systems semi-annual meeting.  We generally maintain lab meetings over the summer, and sometime augment them with a writer's workshop or other group projects.

Are there students I could contact who can tell me about their experiences?

Feel free to contact one of our graduate  students about their experiences:

Audrey Addison (
Matt Lewis (
Ali Caldwell (
Ram Neupane (
Sergio Ramirez (