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Application/Financial Aid

How do I apply for Graduate School at USU? What are the admission requirements for the BioMath program?

You can find all the information at the USU graduate studies website. Basically you fill out an application, submit test information on your GRE (and TOEFL, if required), provide a transcript, pay an application fee and submit email infor for three academic refrences. Minimum requirements to get into our BioMath program are GRE Q > 700, high grades in differentil equations and linera algebra, an overall GPA > 3.2 in a science or engineering BS program. Background is biology is helpful, but not necessary.
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What financial aid is available for graduate school?  Can I apply for a scholarship if I am an international student?

We offer assistantships to all qualified students -- these are paying jobs for grad students which include tuition and insurance benefits.   Generally graduate students get teaching assistantships and are expected to teach approximately one class/semester, although scholarships and research assistantships may be available for specially qualified applicants.  Assistantships come with tuition waivers (out-of-state waivers for MS students and full waivers for PhD students), as well as health-care benefits and a monthly stipend.  International students are automatically considered for assistantships if they qualify for admittance. More information:


Which tests should I take in order to be eligible for the graduate program?

Utah State requires that all students must take the GRE General Exam; GRE subject exams are not necessary.   If you are an international student (not from the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia or New Zealand), you must also take the TOEFL exam(or an equivalent test, visit USU's graduate program web page for details).
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Can I apply to the program if I am not a mathematician? What if I hold a Biology degree?

Absolutely.  In your undergraduate background you will want to have had Differential Equations, Linear Algebra and Multivariate Calculus; some preparation in Statistics will also help.   We have a special track, the Industrial and Interdisciplinary Math Masters Program, for students who do not come from an undergraduate mathematics program.  And if you have undergrad coursework in biology and/or ecology you will fit right in!


Who should I contact for information regarding graduate study in mathematical biology?

Feel free to contact our BioMath faculty:

Jim Powell (
Brynja Kohler (

Luis Gordillo (