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Utah State University Mathematical Biology Program is an artisan graduate program, in which educational and professional development experiences are hand-crafted to achieve each student's career goals.  We minimize the formal testing requirements and maximize flexibility in the program of study.

The most important portion of both programs is professional experience doing supervised research (link to Projects).  At both Master's and Doctoral levels the student and academic adviser select an interdisciplinary committee; after that  any set of classes agreed to by the student, committee and adviser can be used to satisfy degree requirements.  

Students can take appropriate classes in Math, Statistics, Biology, Ecology, Economics and all of the sciences and engineering. This offers unprecedented freedom to personalize career development programs for each student.   General coursework requirements for graduate degrees are:

MS (30 credits beyond BS)

27 credits of coursework at graduate level ( at least 18 at 6000 level or above).

3-6 Thesis Credits ( for time spent writing the student's thesis, which may also be published as a journal article).

PhD (45 credits beyond MS)

27 credits of coursework at graduate level ( at least 6 at 7000 level or above, no more than 15 at the 5000 level).

18 Dissertation Credits (for time spent writing the dissertation, which may be published as up to three journal articles).


Teaching and Research Assistantships are available at both MS and PhD levels for qualified students.   These include out-of-state tuition waivers (for MS) and full tuition waivers (for PhD), as well as health insurance.  For details on the application process, visit the Math/Stat Department Web :